The Natural Mother offers a range of bespoke, premium quality gift packages for every member of the family. ⁠

At the very heart of our philosophy and motivating us to build The Natural Mother is our desire to draw on the best of nature to nurture.⁠

We are a small family team, based in a little town on the NSW North Coast, in Yaegl country.

Together we share a love for natural and clean products, whether they're for eating, drinking or using on your skin, or in the air! 

Allison, the matriarch of our team, is a leading naturopath and herbalist in our area, and we draw on her extensive knowledge and experience to curate our gift hampers. 

⁠We were first motivated to build The Natural Mother because we have been passing through the life stage of being pregnant and having small kids (or grandkids!), and we know how vital it is to receive care, and to give ourselves some self-care at this time in our lives.⁠

However, as we began to develop the idea, we realized that really, everyone needs nurturing, and deserves care, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. And what a great opportunity to make that happen for people close to us, in our communities, and further afield!

We prioritize wherever possible organic products and ingredients, as we know that these are best for our bodies. We strive to support small and local businesses, and always try to choose sustainable options. This helps us ensure that we are caring for our planet, so that it can continue to care for us.

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